be unique amazing innovative creative with your music

We develop artists and labels in the most appropriate way, at every stage of their career and development, in all local markets around the world with respect, expertise, fairness, and transparency.

Our tailored solutions for artists and labels.

Distribution services

We distribute all types of music content to a network of over 200 digital shops and streaming services so that your music is optimised to its full potential.

Marketing solutions

Our digital marketing solutions, tailored to the needs of each artist, are our key success factors for engaging and exposing artists to their fan base.

Technology & Analysis

Investing in technology from the outset has allowed us to design unique tools that help us manage, promote and analyse the performance of music catalogues for maximum impact.

Developing independent music worldwide.

We offer artists and independent labels a fair music distribution service to help them expand their audience. We carefully select all our clients to ensure that we work with musicians with whom we can make a difference.

We serve the needs of all artists and labels equally, respecting their independence, informing their decision making and innovating to grow their visibility, career and revenue.

We want to be the perfect partner in your career growth.

All music and video formats

Thanks to our technology, you can deliver all your releases in multiple formats: Singles, EPs, Albums, Pre-orders, Instant Gratification, Ringtones, Videos...

New release & catalog

Working with artists & labels to build bespoke strategies for both new releases and catalogue.

A worldwide distribution network

Innovative digital distribution and promotion technology integrated with more than 350 major retailers, including local and targeted platforms.

Playlist inclusion

Responding to an ever evolving landscape, we use playlist pitching to drive streams and engagement, and deliver real time reporting.

High security levels & operations support

We have developed a highly effective anti leaks process, where all your content is checked by specialists before being sent to platforms.

International campaigns

Ability to coordinate and scale campaigns through an unrivalled global network of 32 offices in 16 territories.