We want to accompany you on your journey through the exciting world of music.

Distribution Services

Digital Music Distribution is the key to thriving in the music industry. Our easy and reliable service helps you to level up your music career. Whether you are a budding artist, an accomplished musician or an independent record label, Córdoba Music Group has the connections to help you!

non-exclusive agreement

We will never tie you to us! With this agreement you will be able to distribute to other companies if you wish without any restriction.

All music and videos format

Our digital music distribution is the perfect solution for expanding your audience and income.

High security levels & operations support

We have developed a highly effective anti leaks process, where all your content is checked by specialists before being sent to platforms.

Trade Marketing Services

We offer bespoke digital release strategies for artists & labels across all platforms increasing visibility, engagement, sales and streams.

A team of local experts

Believe utilise local Trade Marketing expertise and strong relationships with all services to position your products.

New release & catalog

Working with artists & labels to build bespoke strategies for both new releases and catalogue.

Playlist inclusion

We use playlist pitching to drive streams and engagement, and deliver real time reporting.

International campaigns

Ability to coordinate and scale campaigns through an unrivalled global network of 32 offices in 16 territories.

Dedicated Client Support

The Support Team at Córdoba Music Group offers a direct line of communication to provide quick and effective assistance. They are responsible for all technical matters – including metadata and training on our tools – but also for the relationship with stores regarding content, the status of your releases, and all other aspects around the delivery of your products.

Our aim is to ensure you receive direct support from a team of skilled and experienced staff members.

Technology & Analytics

Smartly manage and promote your whole catalog. The Backstage provides ultra-precise analytics to turn your audience engagement into sales.

Believe has always invested in time, financial & human resources to offer the best digital tools on the market in order to manage, promote and monitor your catalog via a unique interface: the Backstage.

Release Creation System

Smartly create all your releases and ingest all your back catalog.

Catalog management

Manage and optimize your catalog, including past and new releases.

Content tracking

Track your delivery, check your in-store promotional achievements and control rights conflicts.

Fair deals

Provide you with transparent financial reports and monthly payments.